So, you want to try out a new shiny jet, huh? Well, if you haven't already, go view IceColdTea's post on how to use CAS if you are new to it. But, if you've already gotten the basics down, then stick around. You might just learn something.
While using the Wipeout, it is very easy to get yourself killed, either by AA or crashing. The first thing you must learn is that the Wipeout is not the most agile jet in the game. It is very easy to crash while going for a nose dive on some infantry when trying to pull up, and crashing because you couldn't get over that mountain. Or you could be locked on AA, and could be shot down. During these situations, it is important to manage your time doing a strike, as not to crash into the ground. If you are shot at by an AA missile, it is important to deploy flares (C by default) and dodge, as to not get hit by the explosion beside you.
During use of the Wipeout, it is also important to learn your weaponry. You have a fair amount of killing potential at your disposal. It is also important to note that you must ONLY strike if one of your buddies on the ground calls you in on some armor or infantry.
  • 30mm Minigun - This is your main gun, and should be treated that way. This weapon shoots in 20 round bursts, and has some splash damage to it. you have 1000 rounds to use, so you won't be running out any time soon.
  • Falschion AA Missiles - These are used to take out helicopters and other air threats. Use R to lock on, and wait until all sides of the square have met into a diamond. You only have 2 of these, so use them wisely if there are threats to you directly.
  • Macer Anti-Ground Missiles - These are your go-to weapons for taking out armor. They lock on to any ground vehicle, and will take them out in 1-2 shots. You only have six to use, so use them scarcely.
  • Shrieker HE Missiles - These aren't very often used, as the Minigun is a better alternative in almost every scenario. you have 7 of these to use.
  • Shrieker AP Missiles - Basically a worse version of the HE missiles. Only use these if you are running dry on ammo.
  • GBU's - These bad boys are basically fucking mini nukes, they will take out any armor in one hit, and are either dumb fire or laser guided. you have your own laser marker, which you can use to kill enemy armor very easily.
  • Laser Marker - This is used to only lock GBU's onto things. It has infinite battery, and can be used in camera mode.
  • Camera mode - This is activated by pressing Ctrl+Right Mouse Button, your view will go under the plane, and you will be able to freely move the mouse in this mode. by pressing Ctrl+T in this, you can lock on to either enemy armor, or a section of ground and not touching the mouse. It is important to keep note of your altitude in this mode. Exit this mode by right clicking again.
Now that you have learned what weapons you have, you can throw hands with any infantry or armor and come out spotless. Just remember to use your flares if you see a missile coming your way on the radar (C by default again.)