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What to do if you are alone.

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Currently, during some times of the day if you wish to play on Patrol Ops you may find yourself alone. During these times, you can either log off and wait, or you can just go in and do it yourself. Now this may not seem like the brightest idea, it is possible. Now you might be saying, "Fuck you Pussy Mart me and my M60 and no recoil mod are ready to throw hands any day of the fuckin' month." Now I would have to tell you to shut up and leave, because some of us like to have fun.
If you decide to do it alone, you may realize that there is no way to communicate where enemy armor and infantry are. So, use the items at your disposal. Such as a UAV, to gain intel and take out armor. or some Binoculars, and get a vantage point and scout before you go in. Now sometimes, it may be harder to do some missions on your own rather than others. Such as a defend mission, Which you may find difficult. Again, you might say "Fuck you Cunt Mart me and my bottomless backpack and AA missiles will ground pound those hellcats and mohawks any time of the day." Again, shut up, and leave. You may want to bring a vehicle that can carry plenty of supplies for you, or an MHQ.
All in all, doing the missions by yourself can either be really fun, or boring as all hell. Do what you want, but take into consideration you have plenty of options.
Posted Feb 11, 18 · OP
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Well FUCK YOU Coin Mart!

Great post a vehicle is the best way to clear an objective on your own or in a small fire team. There are the rare teams that can destroy an objective using strategy. I would suggest researching some military strategies just to make yourself a better player all around. I would also suggest getting a good reliable group of friends and making a squad that you coordinate with to be on together. We really don't like cheaty mods even if you call them quality of life mods, just in case you couldn't tell by the banning of personal arsenal.
Posted Mar 23, 18
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